A New Film "Climbing the Ladder" Documents the Ghana Graduation Program

07 Sep 2016

Could four goats and two chickens change a life? If you live in the rural Northern district in Ghana, the answer is yes.

Women selected by the Targeting the Ultra Poor Program (TUP) are changing their lives and those of their children as they participate in the Challenging the Frontiers of Poverty Reduction program (CFPR) which combines a gift of an asset with complementary strategies, such as training in the use of the asset and other life skills, a time-bound cash stipend, and introduction of a savings scheme, instead of focusing on only one aspect of poverty.

This film, Climbing the Ladder, highlights the daily choices and progress of a few participants in the program. An evaluation of the intervention by Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) provides a perspective on how well the program performed relative to a control group of similar families who did not participate in the program. 

More than an economic growth story, this is the tale of human resilience and fortitude in the face of extreme poverty.

View long film (38 min).

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