Register for the First Ever Arabic Gateway Webinar: Talent Management in the Evolving Microfinance Industry in the Arab Region

14 Jul 2017

The Arabic Microfinance Gateway in partnership with CapPlus is bringing to the Arabic-speaking audience a webinar about Talent Management in the Evolving Microfinance Industry in the Arab region.

Human Resources are considered one of the most important assets for any institutions and providers of financial services to micro and small enterprises. Microfinance institutions (MFIs) and Banks are realizing more and more that their employees’ talents and skills drive business performance and success; in particular in light of the rapid market developments, the innovative delivery channels, and increased competition between service providers.

In this webinar, perspectives from regional experts and practitioners will help in answering the following key questions:

  • What do we mean by talent management?
  • Why is talent management important for MFIs in the Arab region now more than before?
  • How can an institution retain and grow its talent?
  • How is an institution’s talent valued from an investor’s perspective?


  • Muntaha Barakat, Organizational Development and HR Expert, CapPlus
  • Dalal Takla, Organizational Development and HR Manager, Dakahlya Businessmen's Association for Community Development (DBACD)
  • Khaldoun Amasheh, Chief Executive Officer, Stamina Investment Group

Webinar Information (in Arabic)