Chief Finance Officer

Location of Job: 
Kabul, Afghanistan
08 Jul 2019
21 Jul 2019
About the organization: 

Founded in 2004, The First Microfinance Bank – Afghanistan (FMFB-A) is part of the Aga Khan Agency for Microfinance (AKAM), which has programs in over 10 countries throughout the developing world. FMFB-A’s vision is to be recognized as the leading microfinance services provider contributing to poverty alleviation and economic development through the provision of sustainable financial services primarily targeting micro/small businesses and households. The bank provides credit and deposit products to a wide range of clients including micro, small and medium enterprises along with commercial banking and international remittance services.

About the Job: 

Managing and overseeing the company’s finance, accountancy and other corporate functions including budgeting & planning, reporting, fiscal policies and procedures, managing company secretariat and other fiscal functions (such as developing, implementing and modifying financial systems and internal controls, coordinating in assets and liabilities management of the bank, general accounting, financial and MIS reporting, reviewing contracts, and grants management). Overseeing the Bank’s Logistics/General Administration and functions and contributing in the realm of financial / logistics / general administration matters to the Management, CEO and Board.

The overarching responsibility is to ensure that the business transactions, policies, and procedures are in concurrence with the bank’s charter, Board and Shareholder’s directives, and the Business Plan.

Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Supervise and organize the Department staff and transfer, to the extent possible, the knowledge and practice to them.
  • Develop a second-line by grooming national staff that will be able to manage the department after the end of the contract.
  • Perform quality and timely Financial, MIS and other analytical reporting for the Management, CEO, Board, Shareholders, Central Bank and Government Authorities.
  • Create and monitor annual budget for the bank.
  • Coordinate with the External Auditors about audit of annual financial statements and other certifications.
  • Ensure that the reporting performed complies with the prevailing laws and regulations in the country.
  • Introduce various cost control initiatives/schemes in the bank.
  • Understand and ensure bank’s compliance on prevailing taxation laws and regulations.
  • Develop, as much as possible, system generated reports and MIS from the in force business software that the Bank uses and wherever possible develop user-friendly Microsoft Excel templates for reporting.
  • Ensure proper indexing, electronic and physical storage of original company documents.
  • Supervise the Logistics/General Administration functions of the Bank
  • Manage and arrange Board and General Meetings of the bank.
  • Ensure full compliance with the relevant/prevailing FMFB policies/procedures; full compliance with all the in force laws and regulation of Afghanistan, specially the Tax Law of the country, full alignment with the internationally recognized financial standards, and full alignment with the audit recommendations. Also, develop policies and procedures in areas that are new or where the policies and procedures are not present.
  • Supervise the protection of organization’s assets through internal control and auditing procedures; facilitates any external and internal audit; and audits, supervises and develops inventory control procedures.
  • Support the Head of Finance and Logistics in reviewing all leases and other contracts that require current and future use of the FMFB-A assets and making recommendations to the CEO.
  • Monitor and control the actual expenses against the approved budget and reports any anomaly to the CEO via the Head of Finance and Logistics.
  • Any other identical task assigned by the respective supervisor/s.


  • MBA Degree or equivalent in accounting, finance and business administration.
  • At least seven years’ experience in accounts, audit, finance and at least two years’ experience in managing a finance team.
  • High-level proficiency in written and spoken English.
  • Proficiency in computer word processing, spreadsheets development, and PowerPoint presentations, communication and inter-personal skills.
  • Being a strong team builder, believing in staff capacity building and in practice promoting it, resolute and frugality with not compromising on the quality.
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