RFQ: Training Agency for Content Design for Agents Working in Financial Inclusion (India)

Location of Job: 
11 Jul 2019
24 Jul 2019
About the organization: 

Women’s World Banking is the global leader in women’s financial inclusion. Rooted in its deep understanding of the women’s market, Women’s World Banking tackles financial inclusion in three interconnected ways: first, by partnering with financial services providers to develop scalable market-driven solutions; second, through its gender-lens private equity fund; and, finally, because diverse institutions are proven to be stronger, Women’s World Banking builds institutional capacity through leadership and diversity programs. Through this holistic approach and the organization’s global reach of 49 institutions in 32 countries, Women’s World Banking accelerates economic opportunity for low-income women and growth for financial service providers in the emerging markets.

About the Job: 

Women’s World Banking is seeking a qualified consulting firm/ agency to design and develop a training program for Agents that drive financial inclusion for low -income women in India. This training program would include both classroom training as well as supplemental elements that would reinforce and enhance the learnings.

Low income women face many barriers to saving which prevent them from addressing their lifecycle financial needs. These barriers to saving actively could be knowledge, attitudinal, societal & institutional. Women’s World Banking partners with Financial Service Providers to develop scalable market-driven solutions that can address the needs to low income women, accelerate their economic opportunity and growth for the financial institutions serving them. The channel to reach women is a critical element in driving this engagement. These agents provide last mile connectivity and hence there is an opportunity to transform her/his role from a “service delivery point” to “agents of change”. If provided the right tools, Agents can help advance financial inclusion by helping engage with low-income women. Women’s World Banking needs agency partner(s) to help train these Agents to transition into this role by:

  1. Providing us with an integrated training programme that would include classroom training, e-learning modules and other tools & aids that would supplement & reinforce learning

The following is an example of an upcoming engagement (“Project 1”): Women’s World Banking has recently partnered with a leading Public Sector Bank in India; with the purpose of developing a solution that enables their women account holders to use the PMJDY account; build a recurring savings behaviour and overall financial resilience.

This bank has 35.7 million PMJDY accounts in its portfolio, of which 51 percent are held by women. However, women customers transact 44 percent less than men and women’s deposits are 35 percent lower than deposits by men. In addition, figures also indicate the lack of uptake of secondary products by women. This presents a huge opportunity. This project aim to potentially impact 2.41 million women over three phases and four years.

  • Phase 1- Urban Low Income Women (Pilot – 3 cities, Roll Out – all Metro Locations)
  • Phase 2- Rural Low Income Women (Pilot – 3 Rural zones, Rollout- All India Zones)
  • Phase 3- MicroEntreprenuers, Digital Solutions for Low Income women (All India)

Objectives and Responsibilities:

  1. Designing training of trainers classroom training for Agents to engage with the women customers, learn to build long-term customer relationships to create a lasting impact and drive behavioral change for their customers.
  2. Develop & design content for e-learning modules to supplement the class-room training. In addition, also develop other tools & aids that help Agents to reinforce & enhance learnings and interact more effectively with their customers.
  3. Delivering the Training of Trainers to the trainers of the Bank

In Phase 1 for Project 1, Women’s World Banking is looking to develop a solution which includes a comprehensive training plan that:

  1. Enables the Business Correspondent/ Agent to effectively engage with their women customers, deepen relationships & drive behavioral change.
  2. Trains them on the products/process/technology aspects of the same.

This training plan will be designed for 3 cities (Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai) for pilot in October 2019 to March 2020; but will be utilized & replicable for a Pan –India launch in all Urban / Metro Locations by the Bank.

  • The responsibilities of the firm include (but are not limited to):
  • Looking at currently available most effective training resources across industries for helping agents become “relationship-driven”.
  • Developing & designing a training program for Agents with the following aspects:
    • One-day classroom training program that trains existing Agents to effectively engage with women customers, provide financial counselling, and orients them towards a developing long term relationships with their customers.
    • Three-day classroom training program that trains new Agents on products/processes, ways to effectively engage with women customers, provide financial counselling, and orients them towards a developing long-term relationships with their customers.
    • The above two programs should also have a facilitators’ guide so that they can delivered as a train-the-trainer module.
    • Supplementing the classroom training with tools such as e-learning modules, FAQs/Booklets and other such materials that would help reinforce and enhance learning for the Agents.
    • Tools & aids such as flipbook, charts, audio-visual content that would help Business Correspondent/Agent communicate & engage with the women customers.
    • Engaging instructional methods with interactivity to sustain attention and promote learning (game-based learning is a plus).
    • Multilingual content is a plus.
    • Design & develop content for the above stated elements.
  • Deliver the Train-the-trainers module for the trainer with the Bank.

Timelines expected:
Subject to agency finalization on 25 July.

  1. Share a training plan including the desired elements of both classroom as well as supplemental training tools & aids by 10 Aug.
  2. Modifications based on feedback by 16 Aug.
  3. Develop & submit course content for classroom trainings along with the facilitators guide by 25 Aug.
  4. Deliver Trainer the trainers module for both classroom training programs to Bank Trainers by 31 Aug.
  5. Develop & submit the course content for other supplemental elements by 10 Sep.
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