Inclusive Digital Ecosystems of the Future

Date Published: 
Dec 2017
Seltzer, Y. & Barrera, S.
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Exploring the rise of super platforms and their potential implications for Africa

This white paper considers the likely effects of an important new phenomenon that may accelerate the "pull" factor of digital ecosystems - the rise of super platforms. It describes and explores the phenomenon from different angles in order to explore potential implications for Africa and the environment in which FIBR and its partners will operate over the coming years.

The paper aims to understand the likely effects of super platforms expanding across geographic and sectoral boundaries in the next decade to 2030, by

  • Defining super platforms and considering their rise in the Chinese financial system;
  • Imagining these global developments in the context of Africa through the eyes of a representative African entrepreneur;
  • Discussing the implications of the shift toward digital ecosystems for financial service providers and national regulators, highlighting potential risks and unintended consequences.

The paper concludes that super platform-dominated digital ecosystems will fundamentally transform the nature of digital financial inclusion and the meaning of customer centricity, thereby altering the paradigms within which policymakers and providers operate.