SMDP South Africa

Event location: 
Pietermaritzburg , South Africa
26 Aug 2019 - 06 Sep 2019

This is it, the final workshop of the Sustainable Microfinance and Development Program (SMDP) is coming to Pietermaritzburg, South Africa offered by the University of New Hampshire, hosted by SaveAct and delivered by VSL Associates and SaveAct.

The Sustainable Microfinance and Development Program comes to South Africa for the final two-week workshop of the SMDP entirely devoted to Savings Groups. The course will provide participants with the latest tools necessary to design, implement, track and supervise the extent and quality of outreach.  For this reason, it is very much hands-on and involves a mixture of classroom lectures, simulations and field visits to successful savings groups that have been running for several years.

The SMDP Savings Group (SG) courses are highly focused. Designed specifically for institutions and individuals who are committed to results, it is designed for people wanting to create efficient and effective SG programs, operating at low-cost and significant scale, leading to a long-term output in which groups spontaneously replicate at high quality.  





One-Week Enrollment 
26 - 30 Aug or 2- 6 Sep, 2019



Two-Week Enrollment
26 Aug - 6 Sep, 2019




Registration Deadline: 
19 Jul 2019
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[email protected]
South Africa