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Financial Inclusion and FinDev Gateway: Voices From Our Community

In this new FinDev video, see how your colleagues are using our knowledge-sharing platform. And let us know what FinDev means to you.

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Social Investors’ Message on Client Protection: “Financial Service Providers Don’t Have to Do It Alone”

A new roadmap and certification program supports providers to implement client protection standards.


How Do We Measure Financial Health?

In the third post of our blog series on financial health, we explore how capturing the essence of this multi-dimensional concept takes us beyond standard measures of financial access or income.


Four Ways Financial Sector Policymakers Can Promote Financial Health

In the second post in our blog series on financial health, we explore what policymakers can do to ensure that the financial sector works to support people’s financial wellbeing.

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Latest news, publications, blogs, events and other resources on coronavirus and financial inclusion

Case study

This case study explores whether the use of DFS can be used to accelerate women’s financial inclusion and reduce gender inequality in sectors other than financial service - health, agriculture and MSME. 

FinDev Blog

There is an urgent need in India and globally to design policies to prevent over-indebtedness. But first, it must be measured. A new framework for monitoring credit markets proposes how.

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FinDev Gateway hosts publications from over 2,000 organizations. Explore the largest collection of resources on microfinance and financial inclusion including over 8,000 papers, case studies, toolkits and more.

Paper / Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) / ADA

Agricultural Finance Africa – Coaching Programme Guidance Notes

This guide aims to share the experience accumulated by FAO and ADA from 2017 to 2021 during the coaching program implementation, designed to improve smallholder farmers' access to funding in agricultural value chains.

Paper / Triodos Investment Management

Investing in Fintech for Greater Financial Inclusion

An impact investor's perspective
Paper / Savings at the Frontier / Oxford Policy Management Ltd. (OPML)

Building Financial Resilience: How Financial Service Providers can Help Low-Income Customers to Manage Risk

This paper showcases a range of services Savings at the Frontier partner financial service providers have developed, and presents reasons why informal savings mechanisms and their members might find them valuable.

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FinDev Webinars

FinDev Webinars enable financial inclusion practitioners to share lessons and attend online presentations and discussions delivered by the world’s leading financial inclusion experts.

Lifting the Fog: ATLAS Data for Financial Inclusion

This webinar introduces ATLAS, a new data platform centralizing data on financial and social performance to make financial inclusion accountable.

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