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Investing in Gender Diversity and Women’s Leadership

Adama Bah of Oikocredit shares how her organization works with financial service provider partners to advance women’s economic empowerment.

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Financial Health as a Consumer Journey

The deep value of a financial health framework is to enable financial service providers and regulators to step into customers' shoes and design products and policies that accompany and support them on their pathway to financial well-being.


Incorporating Environmental Criteria in Social Performance Management Standards

The updated Universal Standards provide improved, more practical guidance for financial service providers.


Combating Restrictive Gender Norms in Pakistan

Roshaneh Zafar of Kashf Foundation shares how her organization is tackling key barriers to women’s economic empowerment.

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This edition of SDG Progress provides extensive evidence-based examples of the benefits of digital financial services for the 13 relevant Sustainable Development Goals with a stronger focus on women and climate change.


This report considers evidence on how inclusive financial services can help vulnerable populations respond to climate change.

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Insights from five leading agricultural companies help us understand how businesses can advance gender equity by taking specific steps to address harmful gender norms and reduce gender gaps.

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Case Study / Better Than Cash Alliance

From 1% to 30%: the Journey of the Philippines Towards Responsible Digital Payments

This case study examines the success story of the Philippines by diving into the key decisions made by the government and private sector in accelerating the adoption of responsible digital payments.

Paper / UNSGSA - UN Secretary General's Special Advocate

Inclusive Green Finance: A Policy and Advocacy Approach

This report examines how access and usage of financial services can help build resilience in the face of climate shocks, while also providing opportunities to participate in green economic sectors, including agriculture, renewable energy, transport, and waste management.

Paper / Financial Alliance for Women / Data2X

The Gender Data Playbook for Women's Financial Inclusion

This playbook offers a step-by-step guide for financial ecosystem stakeholders on how to boost the systematic collection of high-quality, supply-side, sex-disaggregated financial data to drive women’s financial inclusion.

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Lifting the Fog: ATLAS Data for Financial Inclusion

This webinar introduces ATLAS, a new data platform centralizing data on financial and social performance to make financial inclusion accountable.

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