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Financial Health Goes Global

This post is the first in the FinDev Blog series on financial health, introducing the concept of financial health and discussing new efforts to apply the concept in low- and middle-income countries.

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Guide to Financial Health

This guide summarizes recent work on financial health that is relevant for policy and practice across the world, to help you get up to speed on the current state of the financial health movement.


Can Insurance Make Small-Scale Solar Energy More Accessible?

Small-scale solar installations have been an important innovation to bring electricity to remote areas, but they face many risks which jeopardize their ability to provide a continuous energy supply. 


FinDev COVID-19 Update | 26 Aug - 08 Sep 2021

A roundup of the most relevant coronavirus-related news, resources and events from the past two weeks

“Covid-19” image by Prachatai on Unsplash. Used with permission.

COVID-19 Resource Hub

Latest news, publications, blogs, events and other resources on coronavirus and financial inclusion


This policy brief considers whether central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) can promote the accessibility of financial services across the Pacific islands and the design choices involved in their development.

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Scale2Save partners FINCA and Centenary Bank in Uganda go from competition to cooperation, sharing service-distribution infrastructure for the benefit of end-user low-income customers.

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Slide Deck / CGAP Background Documents

Using NLP on Social Media to Assess Consumer Risks With Digital Lending Apps in India

This research presents insights on emerging customer risks from digital consumer loans in India, analyzing customer complaints and feedback on Twitter and reviews of digital lending apps on Google Play,

Paper / CAF - Development Bank of Latin America

Determinants of Financial Well-Being: Evidence from Latin America

Paper / United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF)

The Opportunity for Digital and E-commerce Payments in the Pacific Region

This paper explores challenges and opportunities for digital and e-commerce payments in the Pacific Region. Findings from this study are utilized to plan and implement activities that help in enabling inclusive digital economies in the Pacific.

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Lifting the Fog: ATLAS Data for Financial Inclusion

This webinar introduces ATLAS, a new data platform centralizing data on financial and social performance to make financial inclusion accountable.

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