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FinDev Guide to Women’s Financial Inclusion and Economic Empowerment

In honor of International Women’s Day, we share a curated list of key resources from FinEquity, the women’s financial inclusion community of practice convened by CGAP.

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Women As Changemakers Improve Access to Water and Sanitation

How women’s participation in household investment decisions accelerates access to quality water and sanitation services and is positively correlated to households’ overall financial health.


Can Financial Service Providers Help Reduce Intimate Partner Violence?

A review of the literature finds that combining microfinance services with social empowerment interventions has been effective, and that measures to reduce the financial stress associated with taking on debt could also help.


FinDev COVID-19 Update | 11 - 24 Feb 2021

A roundup of the most relevant coronavirus-related news, resources and events from the past two weeks

“Covid-19” image by Prachatai on Unsplash. Used with permission.

COVID-19 Resource Hub

This collective space brings together the latest news, publications, blogs, events and other resources that organizations are sharing as we all struggle to manage this unprecedented global crisis. We invite you to include your resources by sharing your work on FinDev Gateway.


A look at opportunities and risks associated with the surge in uptake and use of digital financial services

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HCD has become increasingly popular in international development, and is most widely recognized by the number of sticky notes on the wall! But not every organization or problem is suited for this method.

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Paper / CGAP

Crisis Roadmap for Microfinance Institutions: COVID-19 and Beyond

Steps microfinance institutions can take to navigate the pandemic and prepare for future crises
Paper / European Microfinance Network / Microfinance Centre (MFC)

Microfinance in Europe: Survey Report (2020 Edition)

A snapshot of the microfinance sector from 2018-2019 and beyond
Paper / Financial Access Initiative

Narrowing the Gender Gap in Mobile Banking

Evidence from field experiments in Bangladesh examining the gender gap in the adoption and usage of mobile banking

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Evaluation and Support for Improving Inclusive Green Finance for MFIs - The Green Index

This webinar recording guides participants through the framework to assess environmental performance of financial inclusion and its operationalization for microfinance institutions.

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