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Micro and Small Enterprises Get Their Own Digital Ambassadors in Colombia

Approximately 16 million people in Colombia depend on income generated from micro and small enterprises (MSEs). Digital platforms and tools can help them grow, but uptake and use is impeded by diverse challenges.

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Blazing a Trail for Women’s Financial Inclusion in Nigeria

The Central Bank of Nigeria has identified eight Strategic Imperatives. With their respective communities of practice, they aim to close the country’s financial inclusion gender gap.


Top Ten Blog Posts of 2022

In 2022, the FinDev Blog featured the insights and experiences of over 50 community members on a range of topics. In the top ten most read blog posts from 2022, the sector's move to digital, especially with a focus on women, and savings groups were key themes.


Top Ten Publications of 2022

In 2022, we published over 400 publications on FinDev Gateway in English, French, Spanish and Arabic on topics ranging from central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) to consumer protection to the role of fintech. 

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Digital remittances can form a gateway to better financial health and inclusion for migrants and their families. Yet one key factor influencing remittance behavior is often overlooked: gender.


Research findings from Uganda sharing results from qualitative interviews with women who report greater sense of trust and relationship with the bank and improved saving behavior as a result of coaching.


This publication provides insights into how MSMEs have navigated challenges presented by the pandemic and what support they had available along with lessons learned to help prepare for future crises.

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Paper / Center for Financial Inclusion at Accion / Fintech Association for Consumer Empowerment (FACE)

Fintech Lending Risk Barometer 2022-2023

Understanding the perception of risks in the fintech lending sector in India
Podcast / CGAP

Will Central Bank Digital Currencies be a Game-Changer for Financial Inclusion?

Are central bank digital currencies really the game-changer for financial inclusion that many claim? And how are central banks thinking about designing CBDCs to ensure that they achieve their goals?

Podcast / Financial Due Diligence Associates

Steven Duchatelle, CEO of Advans Group, on His company's Digital Transformation

This podcast shares Advans' experience of digital transformation, how it drives efficiency and customer outreach, along with potential obstacles to such transformation and the impact on Advans' social mission.

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Lifting the Fog: ATLAS Data for Financial Inclusion

This webinar introduces ATLAS, a new data platform centralizing data on financial and social performance to make financial inclusion accountable.

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