Call for Applications: Research Study on Extreme Poverty in Haiti

01 Apr 2015
Fonkoze is pleased to announce an opportunity for research into the lives of Haiti’s poorest households. Thanks to support from the Swiss Development Cooperation, Fonkoze is looking to establish a three-year research partnership with experts in Haiti and abroad to study its graduation approach to alleviating extreme poverty and the lives of the ultra poor. The goal of the research is to publish convincing studies of its program and of the kinds of families who qualify for it, studies that draw the attention of decision makers in the public sector and at large NGOs. Letter of inquiry should include three things:
  • Names and research interests of team members. Teams should include researchers both inside Haiti and abroad;
  • Particular issues that the team would like to study;
  • Rough description of the manner in which the research would be conducted, including estimated costs.

Participants can send letters of inquiry before May 15, 2015 or can contact Stever Werlin