The Center For Microfinance of the University of Zurich Introduces Two New Microfinance Investment Indices

24 Mar 2015

The Center for Microfinance (CMF) of the University of Zurich introduced two new indices representing performance data of global microfinance investment vehicles (MIVs).  The purpose of these indices is to advance the state of research on indexing microfinance investments and at the same time to increase transparency in the microfinance investment sphere. They can be used as a benchmark by microfinance researchers and investors. The indices are calculated based on absolute day‐to‐day total returns on a monthly basis and they comprise funds mainly invested in microfinance through debt instruments. Currently, the indices combine funds with a variety of objectives and return targets and include a large range of fund sizes.

The CMF is currently evaluating different enhancements of the microfinance investment indices. The calculation of an asset‐weighted version of the index is ongoing and constant efforts are being undertaken to expand the number of participants. In case the number and variety of participating funds increases, the calculation of specific indices for different types of investment vehicles is under consideration.

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