Centro Financiero Empresarial Wins Recognition at the PREMIC 2014 Event

18 Feb 2015

The Centro Financiero Empresarial, the Entrepreneur Financial Centre (EFC) set up and operated by Développement international Desjardins (DID) in Panama, and the entrepreneurs who do business with the institution won awards at a PREMIC event to mark excellence in microfinance and entrepreneurship in Panama. Centro Financiero Empresarial, a member of the PROXFIN International Network and also partners with some of the world leading microfinance investors, won the PREMIC 2014 prize. Other winners, among the nominees submitted by the EFC in Panama, included: 

  • Moisés Acevedo, an entrepreneur from Clever Solutions who won first prize in the commerce category;
  • Andrés Díaz, from Aserradero Andrés who came first in the Industry category and also won the entrepreneur of the year award;
  • Bernardino Guevara from Multiservicios Yeison who came second in the industry category.

The event ceremony is held each year in 32 countries around the world to highlight the importance of microfinance as a tool  for development and to underscore the extraordinary contribution made by entrepreneurs to helping their respective communities grow. 

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