CreditAccess Asia Reaches One Million Clients in Asia

14 May 2015

CreditAccess Asia NV, a group of institutions that provides professional and customized financial services to local microentrepreneurs in India, Indonesia, and the Philippines reached one million clients. Over the next two years, the Group plans to expand operations to 1-2 new countries and it expects to grow its client base to over two million. It is also committed to seeking a stock exchange listing by 2017 which will maximize the liquidity of the Group's shares enabling it to raise capital to further extend its outreach to unbanked entrepreneurs in Asia. 

“We are proud to have reached one million clients. This result underscores the breadth and scope of the activities of our Group and the progress made by its individual regional companies in India, Indonesia, and the Philippines," said Paolo Brichetti, CEO of CreditAccess Asia. 

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