The Haitian Financial Cooperatives Create Videos for Their Financial Education Program

15 Jun 2016

The Le Levier federation of financial cooperatives in Haiti, in collaboration with Développement international Desjardins (DID) and a Haitian audio-visual design firm, recently produced two short videos intended for its members and the general public that promote a savings culture and good credit habits. Recorded in Haitian Creole with French subtitles, these videos feature a young man named William explaining some of the key principles of savings and credit to family members and friends.

In this video on savings (in French) , William explains to his aunt Gaby that with the money that he gradually managed to save he can now realize his dream projects. William also points out how easy it is to build up savings with a bit of discipline combined with the sound advice and user-friendly services offered by his financial cooperative. 

In this video focused on credit (in French), William stresses to his friend Mina the importance of enquiring about terms and conditions at different financial institutions when seeking a loan, in order to make an informed decision. He also warns her about the danger of multiple loans, which too often lead to over-indebtedness. 

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