Incofin IM Announces Full Exit From Its Majority Stake Investment in Crezcamos - Colombia

29 May 2017

Impact investment manager Incofin IM announced it has finalized the sale of the majority equity stake in Crezcamos via a management buyout transaction with the founder and current general manager of the company, Mauricio Osorio. This investment in Crezcamos validates Incofin IM’s Capital+ approach model, which combines investment, governance guidance and matching grants for technical assistance to be a valuable partner in developing and strengthening the company invested in as well as to create value for the investors of the funds managed by Incofin IM.

Over the course of 8 years, Incofin has been a key contributor to development and rural expansion of Crezcamos. As the first international shareholder, Incofin IM played a catalytic role in attracting new investors and funders to Crezcamos. Furthermore, Incofin IM has led the efforts of professionalizing the corporate governance of the company and the roll out of Crezcamos’ successful rural expansion. In addition, Incofin IM implemented a number of effective operational support projects focused on sophisticating different areas of the company, such as a capacity building framework for loan officers and middle managers, the implementation of risk management tools and accelerated product development.