Latin America: Advances in Gender Equality Would Accelerate the Eradication of Poverty

08 Mar 2016

Women worldwide have fewer opportunities than men to generate economic and financial development. Guaranteeing their rights and offering them opportunities to achieve their full potential is a way of bringing forward the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals proposed by the United Nations as essential for achieving a world without extreme poverty by 2030.

Empowered women contribute to the productivity of their families, communities and countries. “They progress individually and improve the development levels in the communities around them. The generation of self-employment is a perfect way of achieving women’s empowerment. Today only 30% of the businesses in the world are started and run by women, and these also tend to be concentrated in micro and small companies”, explains Giovanni di Plácido, Director of Studies and Strategy at the BBVA Microfinance Foundation.

Entrepreneurship offers an opportunity for women’s economic development. Equality of access to investment in human capital and other productive and go-to-market resources would give vulnerable women more opportunities to advance.

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