MIX and One Acre Fund Launch Smallholder Finance Product Explorer

31 Jan 2018

MIX and One Acre Fund announced the launch of the Smallholder Finance Product Explorer, a new, centralized directory where the agricultural finance industry can, for the first time, access detailed information on existing smallholder finance products. The goal of this new resource, which is available through the popular MIX Market platform, is to make accessible operationally useful information in order to inspire the development of new financial products for smallholder farmers and improve existing ones.

Smallholder farmers constitute the single largest market segment for financial inclusion, yet the financing available to them lags behind the potential need, estimated in excess of USD 200 billion. The lack of information about smallholder agricultural opportunities not only impedes the flow of funds, but also constrains the development of financial products tailored to the unique needs of smallholder farmers. Therefore, providing the information required by lenders and financial service providers is critical to reducing the financing gap in the segment.

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