New Interactive Documentary on Responsible Microfinance

31 May 2017

Nathalie Assouline of Alia Développement, a friend of the Smart Campaign, has created a new interactive documentary about how responsible microfinance is put into practice in specific markets. With one click to another, you can hear the voices of financial institutions in Morocco & Cambodia and their clients as they progress to implement the Client Protection Principles

A timeline infographic on the microfinance sector in each of these countries will give you contextual knowledge the different regions. In addition, each of the Client Protection Principles is explained through lively testimonies of microfinance practitioners.
In this first release, you will hear about how microfinance institutions (MFIs) from Morocco and Cambodia have improved their practices so far, how they did so, and how their clients will benefit from their improved services. This online documentary will be gradually enriched with additional countries, with the next to be released this summer.

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Cambodia, Morocco