Peru Launches National Financial Inclusion Strategy to Expand Financial Inclusion

05 Aug 2015
World Bank

Only 29% of Peruvian adults have an account at a formal financial institution, according to the 2014 Global Findex. This despite the fact that the Global Microscope places Peru as the country with the best enabling environment for microfinance and financial inclusion. To close this gap, Peru is stepping up its commitment to financial inclusion.

In July 2015, the country launched a National Financial Inclusion Strategy, which commits the government to ensuring that at least 75% of adults have access to a transaction account by 2021. Highlights of this press release include:

  • Peru launched a national financial inclusion strategy to accelerate progress towards universal financial access and inclusion;
  • Peru is among the 25 priority countries where the world bank group is focusing its scaled-up support to financial access and inclusion;
  • Full financial inclusion is the ultimate objective of the world bank group’s goal to achieve universal financial access (ufa) by 2020.

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