PlaNet Finance China Releases Report on China’s Financial Inclusion Sector

05 Sep 2014

PlaNet Finance China released a report 'The Role of Microfinance Ratings in the Sustainable Development of China’s Financial Inclusion Sector.' This report puts a spotlight on the potential role that ratings could play in China’s drive toward financial inclusion. 

The report covers two main areas: 

  • Overview of the state of the international microfinance rating market, principally highlighting the development of the specialized microfinance rating sector, key products and players, and key lessons for China;
  • Overview of the existing rating ecosystem. The report analyzes the potential benefits of ratings for China and identifies the factors encouraging or discouraging the further development of such an ecosystem. As Chinese banks have a longer history and more developed framework for regulation, main focus is on the application of ratings to non-banking lending entities known as microcredit companies and other non-deposit-taking lenders.