Registration for 2016 Boulder Microfinance Training Program Now Open

04 Dec 2015

Registration is open for our 2016 Boulder Microfinance Training programs! Register now!

Because we know you have played an integral part in our work over the years by deepening the industry’s commitment to including the poor in the financial ecosystem; we want to share this important opportunity with you and invite you to join us for the 22nd Edition of the Boulder Microfinance Training (MFT) Programs to be offered in English and French from July 18th to August 5th in Turin, Italy at the International Training Centre of the ILO.

In addition to the Boulder MFT, we are holding in parallel, July 18th to August 5th, in Turin, Italy, the 2nd edition of the Rural and Agricultural Finance Program (RAFP) to be offered in English, in partnership with FAO and CABFIN. RAFP is designed for experienced rural and agricultural finance practitioners and institutions.

For questions, please contact [email protected].

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