Whole Planet Foundation Announces Winners of Field Officer Appreciation Awards

05 Nov 2014
Whole Planet Foundation wants to acknowledge the achievements of the Field Officers who work for their microfinance partners around the globe.  In July 2014, they piloted a new Field Officer Appreciation Award in the Africa/MENA region. In total, this region includes 22 partner institutions that collectively employ more than 6,000 Field Officers. 
They asked all of the Africa/MENA partners to internally nominate their strongest Field Officer and submit their story for consideration in the competition. They received submissions from 18 countries, and the entire Whole Planet Foundation team took part in a vote.
An important piece of Whole Planet Foundation's strategy is the microfinance institution which delivers that capital into the hands of the thousands of beneficiaries of microfinance in impoverished communities around the world. Each of these microfinance partners depend on the hard work and dedication of teams of field officers to bring loans to marginalized communities and ensure that entrepreneur clients receiving credit have a positive experience with their loans.