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Can Lenders Also Sell Insurance and Investment Products?

How to ensure the sale of appropriate non-credit products to microcredit customers
FinDev Blog

Treating Staff Responsibly During the Pandemic: Three Things to Do Today

How can we get to the other side of coronavirus with customer and employee relationships intact?
FinDev Blog

Becoming Intentional About Learning

We need to prioritize organizational learning to develop and enhance financial inclusion interventions. Here are some tips for how to get started.
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Want to Stay in Business? Keep Your Loan Officers Happy

Loan officers are in a critical position to influence clients’ experience with an MFI. Yet they are often under intense pressure to meet targets. Here are six steps for improving working conditions for microfinance field staff.
FinDev Interview

Closing the Capacity Gap for Financial Service Providers With e-Learning

Post-webinar interview with Josephine Kibe on the Gateway Academy's new training platform, and how they seek to close the gap between demand and supply in the financial inclusion capacity building market.