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Instant Liquidity Support for Mobile Money Agents

Inclusive fintech Flow shares how they have adapted their model to continue providing a much-needed service during the coronavirus crisis.
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Financial Inclusion Is Going Digital. Can Women Follow?

While digital finance has gained market share for years, it is possible no single catalyst has been a greater accelerator than COVID-19. Are women participating in these digital solutions?
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Over 1 Billion Mobile Money Accounts! What Else Does the New Data Tell Us?

On the occasion of the launch of the "2019 State of the Industry Report on Mobile Money", test your knowledge of the evolution of mobile money industry.
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Alternative Delivery Channels Can Help Financial Service Providers and Customers Navigate the Pandemic

How cashless transactions in Sub-Saharan Africa can be improved and expanded
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The Myth of Digital Credit as a Catalyst for Financial Inclusion in Nigeria

A review of the top 20 digital credit companies in the country reveals that regulation is sorely needed.
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Empowerment Begins With Identity

Opening a bank account in many countries is a cumbersome process requiring official documents that women often don't have. Digital ID systems can make this process more accessible and help enable women’s financial inclusion. 
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In Posts We Trust

Post offices have a long tradition of offering financial services, dating back to 1861. Most are now venturing into providing digital financial services (DFS) to their customers. But how can we increase uptake and take advantage of the Post's broad reach?
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Can You Get to Know Your Customer Through an App?

Ibrahim Eid, whose Valify solution won the 2019 Arab Financial Inclusion Innovation Prize, explains how e-KYC works and how a digital identity can give customers access to financial services.
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The World Is Mobile, Why Isn’t Our Data?

Over 164 million migrant workers make a living in a foreign country, and almost 26 million refugees have been forced to flee due to conflict. Unfortunately, while migrant workers are on the move, their data is not, often preventing them from accessing financial services or better jobs. Developing a digital identity system is one potential solution to this problem.
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Unlocking Capital in Financial Services for the Poor

While the financial inclusion sector has changed drastically over the last twenty years, a familiar challenge has returned: information asymmetry. So MIX’s strategic shifts to refocus on data initiatives in fintech, digital and agricultural finance - and other frontier sectors to come - are a welcome development for the entire financial inclusion community.