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Four Drivers of Change for Financial Inclusion in 2017

Open Letter from Greta L. Bull, CGAP CEO
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How Much Do You Know about Funding for Financial Inclusion?

Are you up to date with recent trends in international funding for financial inclusion? Take our quiz to find out.
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Year in Review: Top Ten Publications of 2016

Presenting the Gateway's top picks for the year. What were your favorites?
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Adapt or Perish! MFIs in the Age of Digital Finance

Keeping pace with a fast-changing world
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Enhancing Access to Education with Microfinance Loans for Low-Cost Private Schools

Roshaneh Zafar talks about Kashf Foundation's award-winning program for low-cost schools
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Gateway Guide to Digital Finance

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Managing Social Performance: Toward a New “Business as Usual”

After building a global movement over the past decade, what's ahead for the SPTF?
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Leveraging Big Data for Financial Inclusion: Opportunities and Risks

Interview with digital finance specialist Philippe Breul
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Can Digital Financial Services Turbocharge Financial Inclusion?

Graham Wright talks digital finance with the Gateway, in preparation for European Microfinance Week
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The Strategic Advantages of Empowering Women

María Cavalcanti, President and CEO of Pro Mujer, talks about gender and leadership with the Portal