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Top Five Digital Financial Service Features That Impact Women’s Access and Use

Research in Kenya and Côte d’Ivoire provides guidance for DFS providers and regulators on how to help ensure that digital tools make women more - not less - financially included. 
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Do Flexible Loans Improve Access to Agricultural Credit?

Results from a recent survey in Kenya question the impact of flexible loan terms on how much credit smallholder farmers take up. But the issue may be that loans were still not flexible enough.
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Innovation vs. Consumer Protection: Striking the Right Regulatory Balance

Five principles and five key actions to help build trust and confidence in Kenya’s digital finance ecosystem 
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Alternative Delivery Channels Can Help Financial Service Providers and Customers Navigate the Pandemic

How cashless transactions in Sub-Saharan Africa can be improved and expanded
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Protecting Livestock and Livelihoods from Climate Change

European Microfinance Award winner, APA Insurance, is working with Kenyan smallholders to help them build resilience to the effects of climate change such as droughts and flooding.
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Building Resilience in Real Time

Organizations implementing the graduation approach need tools to manage their different program components effectively. Mobile and cloud technology are helping them to support poor women on their path out of poverty. 
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Does Informal Finance Still Matter?

Informal Savings Mechanisms (ISMs) have long been important to many people’s day-to-day money management across Africa. But as formal financial services become much more prevalent in the region, what will happen to these ISMs? Will they fall by the wayside as the digital revolution takes over? 
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Can You Use Digital Finance If You Can’t Read?

Access to a mobile phone is not enough. The BOMA Project works to overcome illiteracy and innumeracy to bring digital financial services to women living in extreme poverty in sub-Saharan Africa.
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Making Clean Cooking Affordable

Following the FinDev Gateway webinar on financing for clean cooking, GLPGP discusses how innovative consumer finance approaches can help facilitate access to clean cooking in developing countries.
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Who Sends Money to Whom? Gendered Flows of Mobile Money in Kenya

An anthropological approach to digital finance using social network analysis