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Turning Crisis Into Opportunity: Advancing Digital Financial Inclusion in Morocco

Increased government-to-person payments help pave the way for a growth in mobile payment accounts 
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Auditing During the Crisis

How pivoting from auditing to advising helps financial institutions manage risk during COVID-19
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COVID-19 FinDev Weekly Update #2

A roundup of the most relevant coronavirus-related news, resources and events from the past week, carefully curated by FinDev editors for the microfinance and financial inclusion community.
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Can You Get to Know Your Customer Through an App?

Ibrahim Eid, whose Valify solution won the 2019 Arab Financial Inclusion Innovation Prize, explains how e-KYC works and how a digital identity can give customers access to financial services.
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The World Is Mobile, Why Isn’t Our Data?

Over 164 million migrant workers make a living in a foreign country, and almost 26 million refugees have been forced to flee due to conflict. Unfortunately, while migrant workers are on the move, their data is not, often preventing them from accessing financial services or better jobs. Developing a digital identity system is one potential solution to this problem.
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Can Financial Inclusion Help Reverse Women’s Inequality in Jordan?

Women’s entrepreneurship is on the rise globally, though it still lags behind men’s in most countries. The challenge is how to get female businesses out of a survivalist mode and onto a pathway of growth. 
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Innovation for Greater Financial Inclusion in the Arab World

Take this quiz to learn about the Arab Financial Inclusion Innovation Prize!
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Can Mobile Wallets Increase Access to Remittances and Other Financial Services?

Home to more than 600,000 Syrian refugees, Jordan hosts the second highest ratio of refugees in the world - 89 refugees per 1,000 inhabitants. In this blog post, Amarante Consulting shares what they learned from evaluating the Dig#ttances project, which explored digital solutions for refugees and the unbanked in Jordan.
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Who Is Innovating in the Arab World?

Meet the eight finalists of the inaugural edition of the Arab Financial Inclusion Innovation Prize, presented at the Sanabel Conference in Amman, Jordan.
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Getting It Right: Providing Financial Services to Refugees

Drawing on the findings from recently released market studies in Jordan and Uganda, here are the top five recommendations for financial service providers (FSPs) willing to contribute to the financial inclusion of refugees.