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The Resilience of Mobile Money in Sub-Saharan Africa

Quick responses by providers and regulators in the region helped mobile money keep growing despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Support for agent networks and more flexible on-boarding practices were key.
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Can Focused Policy Reforms Help Bring Back Remittances?

How the Ethiopian government is tackling the challenge of declining remittances and economic contraction brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Instant Liquidity Support for Mobile Money Agents

Inclusive fintech Flow shares how they have adapted their model to continue providing a much-needed service during the coronavirus crisis.
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Where Is the COVID-19 Stimulus for the Smallholders Who Feed the World?

Without more support, the global health crisis could become a global food crisis
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Alternative Delivery Channels Can Help Financial Service Providers and Customers Navigate the Pandemic

How cashless transactions in Sub-Saharan Africa can be improved and expanded
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COVID-19 FinDev Weekly Update #2

A roundup of the most relevant coronavirus-related news, resources and events from the past week, carefully curated by FinDev editors for the microfinance and financial inclusion community.