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Incentives for Small Retailers to Climb the Modernization and Digitization Ladder

Lessons from traditional small-scale shopkeepers in Mexico on finding incentives beyond business education and cash provision
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Women in Haiti Become Community Health Entrepreneurs

In this FinDev interview, Carine Roenen of Fonkoze shares the story of their healthcare program, Boutik Santé, winner of the 2021 European Microfinance Award. 
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COVID-19 FinDev Weekly Update #2

A roundup of the most relevant coronavirus-related news, resources and events from the past week, carefully curated by FinDev editors for the microfinance and financial inclusion community.
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On the Way to Reducing the Gender Gap in Latin America

What National Financial Inclusion Strategies have accomplished so far in the region, and what more needs to be done
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More Than Just a House: Building Sustainable Homes for Rural Communities in Mexico

Interview with European Microfinance Award winner, Cooperativa de Ahorro y Préstamo Tosepantomin, about their sustainable housing program for rural indigenous communities.
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Why Decided to Forego MFI Partnerships

After considering partnering with MFIs for a new asset-based financing program, the biogas system producer realized they'd be better off creating their own program. Here they share their experiences and lessons learned.
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What’s Working and What’s Not in Social Performance Management?

An honest conversation about social performance in Latin America at the SPTF Annual Meeting
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Bottom-Up or Top-Down: Which Way Should Regulation Go?

When does microfinance regulation help the institutions it covers, and when does it hinder them? A lively conversation took place at the SPTF Annual Meeting between regulators and the regulated in Latin America.
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The Strategic Advantages of Empowering Women

María Cavalcanti, President and CEO of Pro Mujer, talks about gender and leadership with the Portal