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Child Labor: An Unintended Consequence of Women’s Entrepreneurship?

A new toolkit from Grameen Foundation's RICHES project aims to help women’s economic empowerment programs improve business safety and health for mothers and their children.
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From Ideation to Iteration: Human-Centered Design of Micro-Savings in Nigeria

LAPO Microfinance Bank learned five important lessons from their experience using a human-centered design process to revamp their child savings account product.
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Locked out of Learning: Addressing the COVID-19 Education Crisis

Private sector investment is needed to support low-cost private schools in low and medium income countries.
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Learn. Save. Earn. Why Do We Celebrate Global Money Week & Aflatoun Day?

Children around the world need to start early to become good money managers. Global Money Week aims to inspire children and young people to learn about money matters, livelihoods and entrepreneurship.
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Getting It Right: With Mobile for Girls

Mobile offers significant potential to engage people at scale, connecting them to services and solutions that can improve their everyday lives. The rise of mobile banking products, such as Safaricom’s mPesa in Kenya and other digital financial services, show that overcoming specific contextual challenges and responding to the demand of low-income people at scale, requires digitally-led solutions.
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Gateway Guide to Youth Financial Inclusion

In this Gateway Guide, we present you with the latest publications on youth financial services, entrepreneurship and employment, and financial education.
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Five Common Misconceptions About Financial Education for Children and Youth

Child and Youth Finance International believes that ending poverty requires teaching children and youth how to manage money responsibly.
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From Diamond Future to Cool Teens to SWAG: Designing Financial Products for Young People

Adaeze Ume of Nigeria’s Diamond Bank talks about how and why Diamond Bank works with young clients, and shares insights on banking youth throughout their lifecycle. 
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To Help Youth Succeed Financially, We Have to Hear Them Out First

Opening doors to economic opportunity requires keys. But how often do we pause to ask our young people about what keys they need to succeed? Citi Foundation did just this in their Global Youth Survey.
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How In Touch Are You With the Youth of Today?

A vast majority of youth and children live in developing countries, and nearly half of them live on less than USD 2 a day. Take this quiz to find out how much you know about young people and their financial lives.