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What 18,000 Clients Say About Their Microfinance Experience

A new Microfinance Index captures client-level outcomes across five dimensions of impact, providing us with key insights that help us understand how client outcomes vary with different types of microfinance services.
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How Do Savings Contribute to Financial Health?

A meta-review leads to two mental shifts in approaches to savings research.
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Four Ways to Design Agent Networks That Work for Women

Innovations around agent networks present an opportunity to significantly improve women’s experiences and help build their confidence and access to digital financial services.
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In Ukraine, Credit Unions Are Key to a Sustainable Economic Recovery

But the sector is at risk due to the Russian invasion and in need of support from the international community.
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Four Types of Policies to Help Build Climate Resilience

The third post of the FinDev Blog Series on Climate Change and Financial Inclusion discusses the 4 Ps of inclusive green finance, which provide a framework for policymakers to harness the potential of financial inclusion.
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Sharing the Risk: “Micro Equity” for Savings Groups

DreamStart Labs is re-thinking assumptions about how to design solutions for people in emerging economies, starting with a new product which aims to distribute risks more fairly.
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How Can Microfinance Institutions Help Their Clients Build Climate Resilience?

In the second post of the FinDev Blog Series on Climate Change and Financial Inclusion, we look at how both financial and non-financial services will be crucial in helping MFI clients adapt to climate change.
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Child Labor: An Unintended Consequence of Women’s Entrepreneurship?

A new toolkit from Grameen Foundation's RICHES project aims to help women’s economic empowerment programs improve business safety and health for mothers and their children.
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Guide to Climate Change and Financial Inclusion

The publications in this FinDev Guide explore the connection between financial inclusion and climate change resilience and adaptation, through the lens of financial service providers, investors and policymakers.
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What Do Microfinance Clients Need to Adapt to Climate Change?

In the first post of the FinDev Blog Series on Climate Change and Financial Inclusion, we explore insights from Rwandan smallholder farmers on building climate resilience through microfinance.