Case Study

Community Networking and Solidarity

A case study of the Bodhigram-Disha Kendra microfinance program
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This document is a case study on Disha Kendra Microfinance Programme being run by Bodhigram India.

The document discusses the following:

  • Bodhigram and the idea behind setting it up;
  • The philosophy of Bodhigram and its objective of social empowerment of women through Bodhigram-Disha Kendra Programme (BDKP);
  • The methodology adopted by BDKP to reach and help socially deprived sections of the society, especially women;
  • The microfinance initiative of BDKP and its Bachat Ghat (BG) program;
  • Financial product and services offered under BG program and the current situation;
  • General terms and conditions associated with BG programs;
  • Impact of these programs on social environment of the community and also on individual transformation within the family.

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By Thomas, E.