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Street UK - Lessons Learned From Its First Three Years' Operations

Can modifying business plans and organization development evaluations improve client targeting?
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Street UK is a non government organization working to support low income self employed people and owners of small businesses in the United Kingdom through the provision of microfinance/microcredit. This paper sets out the experiences of Street UK in terms of:


  • Solutions and plans to overcome these constraints;
  • Areas where policy changes are required for microentrepreneurs and community development financial institutions;
  • Knowledge gap for further research.

The paper goes on to discuss the following:

  • Lessons learnt and the nature of requirements of microentrepreneurs;
  • Products and services outlining financial and business support services to meet the gap;
  • Key elements of loan and business support for UK market microentrepreneurs;
  • Organizational development issues facing microentrepreneurs;
  • Perspective on most appropriate funding support, and terms and conditions of the support;
  • Policy and regulatory changes needed to overcome the current hurdles and providing solutions.

The paper concludes by highlighting some of the key areas which need to be researched:

  • Generic category, i.e. whether they are related to business development aspects of microenterprise or to the financial services issues;
  • Perspective category, including size, nature of client market, creating tailored products and services, organizational development, regulatory issues and impact assessment.

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By Copisarow, R.