Case study

Change Leadership: A Microsavings Case Study

Guiding MFIs through institutional change
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This case study discusses how Grameen Foundation implemented change leadership at CARD Bank, Philippines, as part of its Microsavings Initiative. The study highlights various aspects of Grameen Foundation'’s approach including strategies, challenges, lessons learned, and best practices associated with change leadership. The study states that change leadership is a component of Grameen Foundation’'s Microsavings Initiative. It involves a two pronged approach that focuses on both the operational and psychological aspects of change. The operational side includes updated manuals, process maps, systems, technology, and metrics. The psychological side includes awareness, understanding, acceptance, commitment, and action. MFIs might find it easier to address the operational side and find psychological changes more complex to handle. Lessons from the case study include:

  • Hold a change leadership workshop with the MFI'’s leadership during kick-off;
  • Management style needs to be a focus of the initial assessment;
  • MFIs should dedicate an internal HR person to change leadership and communication;
  • MFIs should plan according to existing turnover rate, when assessing recruitment needs;
  • Comprehensive learning and development approach is important for success in new roles;
  • MFIs should evaluate the pilot phase and newly created positions before assigning salary ranges and incentives.