Case Study

Lessons from CSMs – Customer Perspectives

Using customer feedback to address issues in m-banking

This Note focuses on feedback received from customers on the product offering, customer service, and the processes involved in mobile banking (m-banking), which are important aspects of product acceptance and usage. It presents information collected during several Customer and Channel Satisfaction Measurement and Management (CSM) exercises with Eko India Financial Services (Eko), a business correspondent network manager for State Bank of India and ICICI Bank, over an 18-month period.

The CSMs conducted with Eko customers found that they have high levels of trust in Eko customer service points (CSPs) and the product. Customers reported that:

  • Having access to an Eko account motivated them to save more often;
  • Eko’s Remittance Product was convenient and they no longer had to wait in a queue at bank branches;
  • OkeKey Booklet acted as a passbook and made them feel their Eko account was a safe place.

The paper states that CSMs help to identify urgent issues. They also help to acquire customers by reminding the provider of issues in the on-going operations, helping to assess which issues to address and providing guidance on addressing these issues.

About this Publication

By Ramji, M., Dhawan, R. & Garg, N.