Case study

Youth's Financial Inclusion Policy Reform Study: Case Study of Youth in Post and Ongoing Conflict

Identifying the opportunities and challenges in demand and supply of microfinance services in Sudan
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This study identifies the needs and constraints that Sudanese youth, women, and vulnerable groups face in accessing inclusive financial services. It also reviews policies, programs, and experiences of service providers to identify successes, failures, and lessons learned. It makes recommendations to improve support to the youth by reactivating policies of Central Bank of Sudan and other partners. The study is part of the "Creating Opportunities for Youth Employment" program that aims to develop skills and provide livelihood opportunities to youth. It covers three states of Sudan, namely Blue Nile, North Kordofan, and South Kordofan. UNDP, with the participation of the Central Bank of the Sudan, has worked out advisory recommendations for microfinance policy, programs, and institutional capacity in effective means of self-employment. The study is based on the assumption that access to a comprehensive set of quality financial services enables clients to increase and manage income as well as hedge against financial risk. It makes recommendations in areas including:

  • Legislation and policies;
  • Reformation of strategies;
  • Program development;
  • Policy integration into the National Youth Development Plan.