Case Study

Evaluation of First-Year Results: Fonkoze's Kore W Natural Catastrophe Insurance for Haitian Microentrepreneurs

Examining the performance of microinsurance in Haiti
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This case study evaluates Fonkoze's Kore W product a year after its launch. Fonkoze launched Kore W in 2011 to protect Haitian microloan clients from the effects of natural disasters. The evaluation examines the performance of Kore W, its impact on Fonkoze and its clients, clients' perception of Kore W, and the changes that need to be made as Kore W enters its second year. The report states that Kore W has been successful in some areas and has room to improve in others. Continuous review will help Kore W perform better. Kore W aims to help Fonkozes women clients overcome obstacles to growth and build a better life for themselves and their families. Findings include:

  • Damages in 2011 were caused primarily by rain and led to the loss of merchandise more than housing;
  • Kore W remains a secondary step in the chain of emergency response, although it is a vital tool in helping clients recover following a disaster;
  • Client satisfaction was high for the first year;
  • Clients and staff have indicated need for improvements and changes to the product;
  • Dropout rates were at the lowest in history.

About this Publication

By Tappendorf, T.