Case Study

Impact Assessment of EFC Zambia

Analyzing the opportunities created by EFC, Zambia for its clients
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This report assesses the impact of Entrepreneur Financial Centre (EFC) set up in Zambia in 2009 by Développement international Desjardins (DID). DID sets up, operates, and develops these EFCs in order to provide small business owners with the financing they often lack. EFCs are established using DID's investment funds, strict operating methods, specialized solutions, and with the support of strong international partners.The report states that EFC Zambia provides a diversified range of products like MSME and housing loans and microloans for women market traders. On the basis of analysis of the EFC database, focus groups, and interviews with clients and employees, this paper concludes that:
  • With a business model based on partnership and an accessible and diversified service offer, EFC Zambia satisfies a long-standing need by providing financing that is adapted to the needs of small entrepreneurs;
  • It focuses on quality client service by establishing a solid and lasting relationship with its clients and reducing financial risks for them;
  • By specifically targeting small Zambian entrepreneurs, EFC Zambia contributes to creating and maintaining an increasing number of jobs, both direct and indirect.

About this Publication

By Michaud, F. & Faucher-Boivin, K.