Case Study

Turning Client Focus into Commercial Success

Explaining the role of social performance management in improving organizational efficiency
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This case study presents the story of UGAFODE Microfinance Limited, an MFI that overcame critical challenges in operational performance, which hindered its growth, through social performance management (SPM) training. Established in 1994, the MFI sought to transform the lives of its clients by providing financial services aimed at improving their household income. Despite a strong start, by 2010 the institution had reached a low point characterized by depleting clients, staff, and money. The MFI later harnessed a focus on delivering real benefits to clients in order to generate clear commercial and social returns, and also built a solid foundation for future growth. The case study covers the following aspects of the institution:

  • Overview and background of the institution with a focus on the challenges it faced and the role of SPM training in solving these challenges;
  • Institutional changes that were required for furthering financial inclusion, creating benefits for clients, and improving client service and protection;
  • Process of change with a focus on overcoming issues related to skepticism about SPM, the role of leadership, and suitable steps to be undertaken in the future;
  • Importance of mentoring with a focus on Oikocredit’s SPM training program.

About this Publication

By Knotts, K.E.