Case Study

Al Majmoua Client Satisfaction and Client Exit Surveys

Case study on Lebanese NGO's implementation of social performance management standards

This case study provides a practical overview of how the Lebanese NGO Al Majmoua developed and implemented client satisfaction and client exit surveys. This document mainly describes the updating process from the qualitative surveys (focus groups), which had been implemented a few years earlier, to the current quantitative ones.

The case also provides recommendations on improving the effectiveness of these surveys in relation to the Universal Standards for Social Performance Management, and some general lessons for practitioners.

This case study has been written for microfinance providers who seek to improve their practice in relation to the Universal Standards for Social Performance Management. The Client Satisfaction Survey and the Client Exit Survey of Al Majmoua relates to the Universal Standards’ third and fourth dimensions:

  • Product design, services, delivery models and channels that meet client’s needs and preferences;
  • Treating clients responsibly.

About this Publication

By Hayashi, M.