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Expanding E-Money Services in Peru: Reaching Unbanked Clients and Advancing Financial Inclusion

E-money as a financial inclusion tool to address banking challenges in rural parts of Peru

Peru is the first country in Latin America to implement an e-money law, enabling the development and expansion of electronically-based, mobile financial services for low-income and rural populations. Peru’s legislation is distinctive and innovative in permitting both traditional banks and non-bank financial institutions to serve as e-money issuers. ASOMIF Perú (the association of regulated, non-bank financial institutions in Peru) is leading the implementation process in the microfinance sector, ensuring that the needs and perspectives of its members and their clients are captured in the rollout of the legislation. It is expected that 1 million Peruvians will have an e-wallet during the first year of implementation, with an additional 4 million served after 5 years. It is clear that the expansion of e-money services has significant potential to enhance financial inclusion in Peru.

This article is the second in a series developed by SEEP with support from Citi Microfinance titled Spotlight on Financial Inclusion Leaders. The series profiles selected microfinance associations, showcasing the ways in which they are supporting their members and meeting the challenges of value-added growth in financial inclusion. These associations are leaders in implementing innovative and locally-responsive approaches to financial inclusion. Their work is having a clear and measured impact on the lives of their clients, and their experiences bring valuable new knowledge to the industry at large.

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By Dezso, D. , Arias, J.