Case Study

Financing Smallholder Farmers to Increase Incomes and Transform Lives in Rural Communities

Sharing Opportunity International’s methodology in advancing smallholder finance in Africa
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This case study highlights the strategies and tools used by Opportunity International to equip Africa’s small-scale farmers with the tools they need to reduce hunger and food insecurity within their communities while also meeting the growing global food demand. Opportunity International seeks to maximize the potential of farmers by equipping them to afford high-quality seeds and fertilizers, learn improved farming techniques, and grow and connect with the best local buyers. The study states that through attaining access to banking services and agricultural resources provided through the organization, smallholder farmers have increased their cash flow and improved their quality of life. Key strategies highlighted in the study include:

  • Engage the entire value chain to provide farmers with all services they need to sustainably improve their yields, including high quality seeds and fertilizer, training in modern agricultural practices, and access to viable local crop markets;
  • Offer a wide array of financial tools including loans, savings products, insurance products, bill pay services, and money transfer services for the holistic development of smallholder farmers;
  • Use technology to identify potential client farmers, assess their households for financing, and provide them with information and banking services to increase outreach in a cost-effective manner.

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