Case study

Knowledge Matters: Special Issue - Graduation

Highlighting lessons learned from Concern Worldwide’s use of the graduation model

This case study discusses the graduation model used by Concern Worldwide to alleviate extreme poverty. The model is currently being implemented in Burundi, Rwanda, Haiti, and Zambia and is an amended version of the graduation model which was first developed by the BRAC. The study highlights some of the early successes and challenges which the model is unearthing in the four countries. It also discusses the international perspective on graduation and how the model can help unleash the potential of women participating in the program. Some of the key highlights include:

  • One of the immediate criticisms leveled at graduation programs is that they are expensive;
  • Without the ability to collect real-time data it would not be possible to carry out monthly monitoring exercises due to time and resource constraints;
  • Successful graduation requires an enabling environment in terms of markets and government policy;
  • Overall picture is positive, statistical averages conceal a wide range of individual outcomes;
  • While market analysis is important, the program should be flexible as well as based on local realities and should take into account the experiences of beneficiaries and their preferences.

About this Publication

By Simington, A., Bini, A., Descieux, A. et al