Case Study

Factors Considered by Rural Customers while Adopting New Microfinance Banking Services: A Case Study of Upper Sindh

Studying the attitude of rural customers towards new microfinance services

This case study analyzes the factors considered by rural customers while adopting new microfinance banking services in Upper Sindh region of Pakistan. It is based on surveys that collected responses from rural customers regarding which factors they valued more while adopting new services. The data gathered through the survey was analyzed by using a multiple linear regression technique. The different sections of the case study cover:

  • Introduction to the concept of microfinance and the scope of the study;
  • Overview of the microfinance sector in Pakistan with a focus on the initiatives undertaken by the Government of Pakistan and the State Bank of Pakistan;
  • Literature review of a few publications that have studied the demand for microfinance services;
  • Methodology used for the study with a focus on the process of gathering data through questionnaires;
  • Multiple linear regression model used for the study with a discussion of the results;
  • Suggestions for further research and a discussion of the limitations of the study.

About this Publication

By Soomro, M.I., Shah, T.A. , Abbas, S.H.