Case study

Tunisia: The Post and Financial Inclusion through Mobile Telephony

Case study on a business model based on partnerships with telecommunications operators

Post Offices in the developing world have responded differently to innovations in mobile telephony. The Tunisian Post was at the forefront, tapping into the potential of this technology very early on – starting in 2001 – to create a new type of Post–customer interaction. Through mobile telephony the Post can offer its financial products and services via a more practical and efficient channel for both itself and its customers.

The business model presented here is based on a strategy promoting partnerships between the Post and telecommunications operators. In forming partnerships with telephone companies, the Tunisian Post was able to increase the number of consumers of its financial services and, in turn, its revenue. Although most Posts engaged in financial services envision harnessing mobile technology at some point to modernize their offer, this paper seeks to explain the key success factors in the Tunisian model and the lessons that can be extrapolated for the rest of the postal sector.

About this Publication

By Suedekum, G. & Berthaud, A.