Case Study

AMK Cambodia: Using Client Data to Inform the Strategy

Social performance management case study on monitoring progress toward social goals

This case study is directed toward microfinance providers who seek to improve their social performance management (SPM) practices. The case of Cambodian MFI Angkor Mikroheranhvatho (Kampuchea) Co. Ltd (AMK) highlights how providers can collect and use social data to monitor the institution’s progress toward achieving its social goals.

The good practices discussed in this case study exemplify how providers can implement one of the standards found in the SPTF Universal Standards for Social Performance Management: The organization collects, reports, and ensures the accuracy of client-level data that are specific to the institution’s social goals (Standard 1b).

Practitioners can use this case study to understand how to implement Standard 1b in practice, and to strengthen their own practices related to client data collection and use.

About this Publication

By Pescatori, C.