Case Study

Microinsurance Awareness Pilot Campaign: Findings and Recommendations

Providing recommendations to increase awareness of microinsurance products
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This case study summarizes the activities of a multi-channel microinsurance awareness campaign that was conducted in four selected districts in Ghana: Tamale, Techiman, Aowin, and Ho. The campaign aimed to raise awareness of insurance in the four pilot districts and to measure the impact on insurance knowledge, attitude, and behavior. The study assesses the campaign’s effectiveness in raising awareness and knowledge of insurance and improving attitudes toward insurance companies and products. It also presents recommendations for scaling future campaigns in order to sensitize the public in Ghana on microinsurance. Key recommendations include:

  • Time radio messages carefully to reduce conflicts with local events and increase exposure;
  • Leverage gains made by the campaign by increasing microinsurance distribution channels;
  • Focus campaign efforts in areas where insurance products are available and agents are in place;
  • Develop a profile of the most active advocates to guide future efforts to recruit the most appropriate and motivated advocates;
  • Link jingles to other sources where listeners can receive more information about insurance for instance from the radio drama or advocates;
  • Conduct data collection activities as soon as possible after campaign activities to ensure the highest degree of recall from respondents about their exposure to and knowledge of campaign content.

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