Case Study

Digital Field Applications: Case Study

How does arming field staff with digital tools affect client and staff experience?

The use of Digital Field Applications (DFAs) – empowering field staff with digital tools via tablets and smart phones – within the microfinance sector is still at a relatively nascent stage. The slow adoption of DFAs has in part been attributed to the lack of understanding of the impact DFAs have on the business models of Microfinance Banks (MFBs), as well as how their use affects client and staff experience in the field.

Accion’s Channels & Technology team completed an 8-month case study which aims to provide some clarity on the impact of DFA use by examining the business case, implementation process and effects at three MFBs around the world. The partner institutions for this study were Musoni Kenya in Nairobi, Kenya; Opportunity Bank Serbia (OBS) in Novi Sad, Serbia; and Ujjivan Financial Services in Bangalore, India.

This study presents a consolidated review of the findings from the three MFBs, with an accompanying Excel-based business case toolkit, available for MFBs to examine the potential impact a DFA might have on their business. Additionally, individual cases presenting the findings for Musoni, OBS, and Ujjivan are also available.

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By Caruso, C. , O'Keeffe, G.